Thank you Elaine

Elaine, many many thanks for your quick response to the removal of snow on the vulnerable area of our roof.  Please thank the Board members for us as well. 

The gentleman you sent to do the job did a good one.

We deeply appreciate your quick responding to our concerns.  Your management of Centerview Hollow's issues with such promptness is most grateful.  

You are an asset to our Centerview Hollow condominium complex, and we are so thankful to have you on our Team.

 Joe & Terri

Much Appreciated

Evergreen is very transparent with us (the owners) and it is very much appreciated.  Evergreen is definitely the best management company Bellamy Woods has had since 2005. Resident's are excited to see all the improvements happening to the property.

Thank you Melvin

I want to pass along the feedback I just got from Kathy:

She called in to say that one of our Maintenance staff, Melvin, saw her walking to her car and struggling with her trash etc.  He stopped working, ran over to her and proceeded to take her trash to her trash can and help her to her car so that she wouldn’t slip.  She said she had to call and let us know how much she appreciated him and that it was so great to see “there are still Gentleman left in the world”.  Thanks Melvin!!

Thank You Brook & Mary

Dear Mary and Everyone Concerned--

Members of Evergreen Management...

Brook, the painter...

and anyone else involved!

I am so very, very grateful to each of you for the part you played in resolving the problem of my water-damaged condo ceilings! Thank you for having facilitated that painting job.  What a relief to see those ugly stains...  GONE! 

Brook did an OUTSTANDING job!!!  What an awesome professional he is! He was incredibly efficient, handling all the work single-handedly!  He did it all--covering the walls and large furniture, applying stain-cover-up, doing the edges, to the final painting of the whole ceiling!  He truly is a seasoned professional!  I am so grateful to Brook for the fantastic job he did!  Thank you very much, Brook!

And thank you... to each one of you... for having made this possible!

Thank you, Mary, for sending this note off to all those concerned.

My heart is filled with gratitude!

With Deep Appreciation,


Appreciate Your Help

Thank so much for your attention to all our requests.   

 You are a pleasure and a big asset to our board.



Paul, Congratulations on yet another big step for you!  Sounds as if the new partnership with Associa is going to work out well for Evergreen.  As long as you are the one who continues to oversee the whole operation, I can rest comfortably!


Thank you Rex & Kevin

Thank you Rex and Kevin.  You started at 8:15 and finished at 2:45 - not stopping at all.  I thought you were the nicest young men - very polite and hard workers.  I have the best set of stairs in the association.  Even my husband (who is fussy) was very pleased with the work that was done.


Professional Company

I just purchased a condo at Twin Ridge and so far impressed with how the property is kept up and how professional your company is with handling the transition. I have been dealing with Joe and now Jodie and both have been very helpful and professional.

Thank you

Thank you Sam

We had our annual meeting and the budget the Board presented to the unit owners called for an increase in our condo fees. Needless to say, there were a lot of unhappy and angry unit owners at the meeting. Two of the people were exceptionally rude and disrespectful of Sam. I just wanted you to know Sam did a fantastic job in conducting the meeting, handling the objections, keeping the meeting on track, maintaining a professional manner,  recruiting three new volunteers for the board AND getting the budget passed.

It is obvious Sam takes pride in doing his job exceptionally well. It has been a pleasure working with him. Based on Sam’s performance, I would not hesitate to recommend EHG to other condo associations.

Thank you

Thank you so very much for all your continued help and support with everything. I can honestly say your company and you are so much better than our previous management company ever was!!