Thank You

Just wanted to say thanks to you, Pauline and Linda for speaking to the owners last evening.  The Board appreciates not only the time you spent with the group, but also your willingness to answer questions, address issues and enlighten all of us about the many things involved in condo living.  The more we communicate with each other, the easier it should be to identify and to solve the problems that we face.


Another plus that I observed in the meeting is that we may now have a very committed, energetic and talented Property Manager in Sharon Sanborn.  She is a take charge individual who digs right in and gets involved, and is not afraid to get her "hands dirty".  I think that she is going to be a great asset to Evergreen Harvard and to our Associations.     

Thank you

Kareen and Mike, THANK YOU!  If only the whole world was so responsive and efficient as you two.


Thank You

You're very quick!  Thank you for your quick response to our condo issues.  As I mentioned last night - Things are a lot better with Evergreen managing our units!

I look forward to working with you.


Great Job

Well done Elaine,you seem to have made more progress with Comcast than the last 4 Boards combined.


Thank You Mike

I am pleased with the election results as I am very pleased with Board and find that we do work well together and look for to the 2018 year. O”Ya Mike we like you to and enjoy working with you and Evergreen.

Thank You Herb

I drove thru Cannongate yesterday and Monday I am so proud of what we have done to improve Cannongate. I love the paint on the wall at the pool, it fits with the surroundings of the trees around that pool area. Dan from Country Connection as always you are doing a terrific job, you treat Cannongate as it was your own property. We are so lucky to have you Herb, you are an outstanding property manager, one of the best we ever had. I want to thank you Pat our Maintenance person. Our team work as a Board is by far the best, thank you for all your hard work and consistency that we all do for Cannongate. I just wanted you all to know Thank You Maggie

Great Job

I just would like to pass on to the person that cleans our hallways what a great job they do.


Thank you

Love the door.  Just wanted to throw out a compliment to the guy's working here.

Very nice and very particuLar on their workmanship.

 Thanks again, Dorothy

Thank You Herb

We, the board members at the Wentworth Estates would like to acknowledge Herb Martin’s hard work. Ever since he took over our property, he has done an excellent job with the property management. He is very prompt and gets back to our queries in a timely manner.

Before, Herb took over and after the merger, our property wasn’t managed up to the standards. We the board ended up doing all the work. The property manager didn’t take ownership of anything and required multiple reminders. The pavement project was managed very badly, and we didn’t get any prior notification.

After Herb took over, he eased our pain. He is diligent always follow through. Thank you so much for assigning such a great member of your team to our property. We are a long customer of Harvard.


Al on behalf of Wentworth Estates Board