Homeowner Thank You

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who were responsible for the snow and ice removal on my condo unit yesterday.  

I was pleased and impressed by their hard work and thoroughness of the job.  Not only did they shovel my roof and remove the ice, but also cleared all the fallen snow on the pathways and porch.


Managing a condo complex is a very demanding and complex task involving resident needs, infrastructure design issues, preventive maintenance, occasional failures and various regulatory compliance issues. We are an activist Board of an over 55 community having professional business, accounting, information systems and engineering experience. We sought to move this seven year old complex from its transitional phase to a more mature status requiring less intense direct Board involvement. Members of the Community Association Institute, with CAI certified key employees, Evergreen has demonstrated a maturity borne of experience and resource availability that has met our needs. A representative attends monthly board meetings, 24/7 responsiveness is provided and they have the experienced manpower to deal authoritatively with administrative and technical issues. All interfaces have been pleasant and completely professional, with high resident acceptance. They provide periodic free seminars to Board members of their client associations, and offer a collective insurance program to all client associations. The collective nature of this insurance program provides negotiation power for rates and protection against arbitrary cancellations in the event of a claim given the leverage the resultant large account provides. I view them as an engaged partner rather than just a service provider and would highly recommend them.

Thank You

I just want to tell you what a great job the guys did. They arrived on time, were polite, efficient, professional and relatively quiet. They arrived on time at 8:00am, took 30 minutes for lunch and left around 3:00 pm.

The new windows and sliders were installed by noon. So for about 4 hours it is cold in your condo with the open spaces. Once installed, your condo will warm up while they do installation and framing.  By the way who ever decided to add framing - thanks so much as it added a finished look to my condo and has increased they value for resale.

You can reassure anyone who is nervous about the process that they don't have anything to worry about. The worst part of the process was sitting in my condo doing nothing and just watching them work. My windows and sliders are beautiful and they spent the time to show how they worked and locked.

They left my condo cleaner than when they arrived.

It was a thoroughly wonderful experience.

Please pass this on to Evergreen Harvard Management.

I would recommend they be chosen for employees of the month.

Also Brooke Figueroa was wonderful. She promptly responded to any questions I had and worked around my schedule to schedule the installation.

Thank you

I am writing to personally thank a couple of employees of the Evergreen Harvard Group that oversees Meredith Bridge Condominiums in Laconia.

On Wednesday March 29 just after 2 pm, I was disconnecting my stackable washer/dryer in my unit to prepare for a new stacked laundry center to be delivered on Saturday. As I disconnected the water lines I quickly became aware of the fact that the laundry shut off valve was not shutting off. I immediately contacted the management company to inform them of my dilemma. I was given the name of a local plumbing company who has performed work in the units and was knowledgeable to the buildings. I received a call back from Gouin & Sons Plumbing Company and through the coordination of Robin, the association manager, Dan, the maintenance person and Gouin & Sons Plumbing resolved my problem in a very expedient manor without me even being present.

I am very grateful to all parties who assisted in getting the water issue resolved quickly, professionally and without too much of a burden to other unit owners/tenants in the building because of having to shut off the water in the entire building to make the needed repairs.

I enjoy being a homeowner in this association knowing that we have a management company who responds to the needs of the unit owners

Thank you to Paul Okonak


 On behalf of the board, I'd like to thank you for your gracious offer to attend this morning's meeting here at the Village at Hollis Depot regarding the generator issues.


Thank You

Again, thank you so much for your quick turn around on this...

I have to say, you [and our team] have really been such a breath of fresh air compared to other management companies! You have been responsive, communicative and overall pleasant to ‘deal with,’ it’s such a relief!

Homeowner Closing Thank You

I just wanted to extent me deepest thanks for how smoothly and efficiently your employees worked the closing of my condo. Both Shannon McGahey and Elaine Devlin were in constant communication with me or my attorney when an issue arose or when a document was needed. It's not every day where you find employees who go to great lengths to help you during such a stressful time. Please send both Shannon and Elaine my thanks!

Thank you Titus Cramer

I would like to make you and Evergreen Management aware of the fact, that Titus Cramer has been extremely helpful during this trying time.

He has continued to provide me with the information necessary to obtain various documents related to our move.   I cannot say enough about his professionalism.  I am sure it added time to his busy schedule.

He is a great representative for Evergreen, and as a board member I can attest to it.

I unquestionable know you are cognizant of Titus’s skills, but I also wanted to amplify them.


I want to tell you that Evergreen Management is the most professional, accommodating management company we've had in the 18 years I've lived here. Morin Landscaping is doing a more professional job, not just cutting lawns. The difference is dramatic!!!

So, thank you for your promptness in responding to my concern. This is a nice community and you've enhanced it!

Thank you again,


Thank you

This is the best management we have ever had. We really feel like you care as much as we do. Much appreciated, Jocelyn