The Evergreen Harvard Group Access

Condominium Association Management

For smaller condominium associations The Evergreen Harvard Group (EHG) offers our EHG Access management services program.

EHG Access provides smaller condominium associations with the ability to have financial control, a community website as well as access to additional association management services on an as-needed basis (such as the settlement of insurance claims or the implementation and oversight of a capital project) while still allowing the Board of Directors/Trustees to manage their condominium association's day-to-day operations on their own.

EHG Access includes:

  • Customizable Accounting Reports
  • Fee/Assessment Collection
  • Bill/Invoice Payment Processing
  • Electronic Monthly Financial Reports to the Board
  • Monthly Fee Coupon Books
  • Year-end Financial Report
  • Auto Debit of Association Fees
  • Assist Association Attorney with Lien Filings and/or Foreclosures
  • Assist Attorney with Termination of Commons Area Usage
  • Legal Liaison with Attorney for Collections
  • Association Website set up and management
  • Annual tax return assistance to Association accountant
  • Advice on capital funding, planning and management

Additionally, EHG Access provides for “help desk” access for smaller condominium association Boards of Directors/Trustees from EHG Senior Staff to assist the Board of Directors/Trustees with higher level operational or administrative questions in the management of their own Association.

Please complete and submit the “contact us” form and we’ll be in touch with you to answer any questions and see how we may assist you in the management of your community.