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The Evergreen Harvard Group (EHG) has a trained, in-house staff of maintenance technicians available to assist owners with non-association maintenance tasks in their home. Below is a listing of the non-association maintenance services we offer to homeowners.

Simply complete the service/information request form below, click "submit"and a member of our Home Services Department will be in contact with you to discuss your service/information request and provide a price.

Offered Services

  1. Air Conditioners/covers - Install and Remove
  2. Light Bulb Replacement
  3. Dryer Vent Cleaning
  4. Gutter Cleaning
  5. Garden Hose - Removal and Installation
  6. Interior Unit Painting
  7. Interior Unit Repairs
  8. Unit Doors (Interior and Exterior) - Adjustment and Replacement
  9. Unit Sliding Doors - Adjustment and Replacement
  10. Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Replacement of Batteries
  11. Window Screen - Removal/Installation/Replacement
  12. Unit Windows - Adjustment/Open/Close/Replacement
  13. Unit Check - Interior inspection of unit while unit owner(s) are away


Note! We do not offer services requiring trade professional licenses/permitting (mainly plumbing, electrical and roofing). However, we would be more than happy to make recommendations for a professionally licensed vendor who could best provide the service.

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