Thomas Ducharme, Founder and President of Evergreen Management

Dear Valued Association,

            Undoubtedly, you now know that Thomas Ducharme, the founder and President of Evergreen Management, was tragically and gravely injured when he was struck by a vehicle while on his morning run. Tom passed away peacefully Saturday November 12, 2016 with his family by his side. Tom was a dedicated and devoted family man and included his employees and valued associations within that family circle.  His absence is a devastating loss for all of us who know and respect him.

            Please know that from the outset Tom worked tirelessly to assemble the most competent team of executives at the corporate level. The functioning of Evergreen Management will not change and our dedicated team is determined to continue to provide the highest level of service to our associations. As we move forward we are continuing to expand, our recent merger with Harvard Management Solutions as an example, hence forming the Evergreen Harvard Group. Our expansion will allow us to incorporate the latest technology and innovations in the property management industry in an effort to provide ever increasing value and service to our associations.

            There is no cause for concern. The company is financially sound and our Managers and support staff are in place to assure the clients continue to be served. Although we will mourn the tragedy that has befallen us, the only thing you are likely to notice is our continued attention to your needs as an association. Do not let any of our competitors tell you otherwise. We, the dedicated family of employees at The Evergreen Harvard Group, are here for you now and in the future.

            Thank you for your continued prayers and sympathies for Tom and his family. The response has been overwhelming and the support from our clients has been remarkable. Should you have any questions please contact any of our team members.


The Evergreen Harvard Group